Hyper Scape si aggiorna alla versione 2.5, ecco le novità

by Lorenzo Ugolini
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Il Battle Royale di Ubisoft non è stato apprezzato fino in fondo da parte dell’utenza; eccessiva difficoltà, lenta curva di apprendimento e pochi giocatori hanno reso la vita dura a questo titolo. Ubisoft, però, non si è data per vinta e ha continuato a sfornare aggiornamenti per mettere a posto il proprio prodotto e, proprio oggi, è stato rilasciato l’aggiornamento 2.5 del gioco, ecco le novità.

Patch notes 2.5


  • Added crossplay option in Settings – Account, set to ON by default
    • Can be disabled in-game on PS4
    • Can be disabled in system settings on Xbox (Xbox Live Privacy Policy)
    • Cannot be disabled on PC
  • Added crossplay option to initial flow for new players
  • Added new Social menu
    • “Friends List” displays all friends from Ubisoft Connect and your current platform
    • Allows you to invite friends from any platform to play together
    • Shows pending Game Invites from friends
    • “Block List” displays players you have blocked all communications from
    • “Recent Players” list shows all players from your current and previous match
  • New contextual player options added in Squad Menu and Social menu
    • The following options were added: Add Friend, Invite to Game, View Platform Profile and Block Player
  • Player Platform icons are now shown next to Contender names to help identify who is on your platform, any console, or PC for matchmaking
  • Xbox players will be able to see who has an Xbox account linked to their Ubisoft Connect account, and view their Xbox Live profile

Game Modes (Team Deathmatch Improvements)

  • Victory Condition were updated to give players more time to compete:Score: First team to reach 50 points (previously 40 points)
  • Timer: Team with the highest score after 12 minutes (previously 10 minutes)
  • Random Map support added:Every match will now randomly pick 1 of the 3 maps (Foundry, Hillside or Bus Depot). New maps are planned to be added to this pool in the future.
  • Challenges are now enabled and will progress when playing the game mode.
  • Interactions with Twitch Crowncast are now fully supported.
  • Polished Respawn Phase:The Scoreboard is now shown immediately on death.
  • A sound is now heard when respawning.
  • Polished Game Mode UI:Teams & score display has been improved to make victory conditions more readable.
  • The match info now shows the number of players in the match rather than the number of squads.
  • Polished Scoreboard:Updated the visuals.
  • Added a “Deaths” stat with a new icon.
  • The World Map has been removed entirely. You will now be able to see the match through the Scoreboard.
  • Polished End of Match flow:Winners and losers now see their appropriate crowning ceremony.
  • Holograms now show the player with the most eliminations in a match.
  • Ultimate Grace will now announce the match intro and start.
  • In Twitch Crowncast, unused stats have been hidden.
  • Fixed an issue where players could keep fused weapons from the warmup phase if they dropped them before the start of the match.
  • Fixed a bug where matches would not end properly if one team quits.The remaining team now wins.
  • Fixed a bug where if you died with a melee weapon you would respawn with weapons in a strange state.
  • Fixed an issue where the Scoreboard did not remove players who have left the lobby.
  • Also fixed an issue where Scoreboard was showing incorrect stats.
  • Fixed an issue where team member voice chat could be heard by other team members that were not in the same squad even when all squad members were muted.
  • Fixed an issue where players that were not in the same squad could be seen during the Crowning Ceremony screen instead of squad mates.
  • Also fixed an issue where players with the Squad Filler option set to Off could still have other players added to their squad.
  • Fixed an issue where the Victory bark was playing for the losing team during the Crowning Ceremony.


  • Fixed an issue where some in-game news would be duplicated for players who play Hyper Scape on multiple platforms.
  • For controllers, fixed an issue where turning the Auto-sprint setting on and moving to the front left or right would cause the screen and the character’s hands to shake violently.
  • For controllers, fixed an issue where turning to the left would make the character turn a lot slower than they do if they turn to the right.
  • On PC, fixed an issue where the game’s interface would display abnormally after a player clicked the “Find Another Match” option and switched to another screen while waiting in the Lobby.
  • On PC, fixed an issue where switching from Full screen mode with a non native resolution to Borderless mode would cause massive FPS drops.

We’ve added feedback under the Mammoth Mark I reticle to show how many pellets have hit the target. The reticle will now display Normal hits in white and Critical hits in red.


The enemy health bar has been reworked to make it more readable during combat:

  • Better & faster health loss animation when hitting a target.
  • Removed the health chunk divisions to make the bar easier to read.
  • New color.

A series of audio improvements have been made to the core combat feedback:

  • Improved Critical hit sound.
  • Also improved Normal hit sound.
  • Improved player & team elimination confirmation sounds.

To make squadmates easier to spot we’ve added a color filling that matches the color of their squad widget and outline:

  • The color filling will appear when a squadmate is 20m away from you and will then gradually increase as the squadmate gets further.
  • This filling, like the outline, is not occluded and thus helps to identify your allies’ current position, even if you are separated by several buildings.

The Marketplace’s visual layout was improved to simplify navigation in a single tab and have quick access to all offers. Players will see everything listed below in one single tab:

  • Daily Gift
  • Daily Offers
  • Weekly offers
  • Battle Pass offers
  • Currency offers

We’ve regrouped advanced controller curve settings inside a new sub-menu to simplify the settings menu and prevent manipulation errors. You can find the following settings in that sub-menu:

  • Extra Speed (Horizontal / Vertical), Extra Speed Delay, Extra Speed Time
  • Controller Dead Zones
  • Controller Outer Threshold
  • Aim Assist
  • We’ve added a specific screen in the Hyper Scape HUB to improve the visibility of the Starter Pack.
  • You will now be able to see and explore in the 3D preview the items that you may own if you purchase the pack.
  • At the end of a match, if a player hasn’t redeemed their Daily Gift yet, a notification will now be shown to remind players to go back to the Marketplace and claim the gift.
  • Added the “Equip” button after purchasing a bundle. You will now be able to equip the items of a bundle directly after purchase.
  • In Arcadium, fixed an issue where eliminating a drone did not show the drone’s name in the kill feed.
  • Refer to the Team Deathmatch section above for numerous fixes in that mode.
  • Fixed an issue where holding the shoot button with the Skybreaker would prevent the player from reloading the weapon or shooting again.

Una patch molto corposa, che punta ad arricchire un titolo che, nonostante la qualità complessiva molto buona, ha avuto difficoltà a crescere causa la sua difficoltà. Speriamo che questo aggiornamento possa riportare in vita il titolo!
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