Nuovi Driver Intel, diverse novità in vista di Xe.

by Patrick Grioni
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Nuovi drivers da parte di Intel che maturano sempre più in attesa delle dedicate Xe, ovviamente ora il supporto è limitato alle soluzioni integrate in cpu di desktop e dotebook, ma la spinta a un funzionamento ottimizzato in sempre più titoli è notevole.

In questa release si migliora specificatamente il supporto a Cyberpunk 2077 DX12 e Nier Replicant.

C’è poi l’elenco dei bug fix, decisamente notevole:

  • Intermittent crash or hang seen in Cyberpunk 2077 (DX12), Ridge Racer Unbounded, StarCraft 2, Horizon Zero Dawn (DX12).
  • Note Cyberpunk 2077 system requirements, performance on Intel® Iris® Xe graphics expected below 20FPS.
  • Minor graphic anomalies seen on main character during character creation in Cyberpunk 2077 (DX12).
  • Minor graphic anomalies seen on floor when graphics quality is set to High in Valorant.
  • Black squares seen after cutscenes with Video Quality Profile set to High in Wolfenstein: Youngblood (Vulkan).
  • Minor graphic anomalies seen in Battlefield I (DX11) and Valheim (Vulkan) (loading screen).
  • Lag observed while playing a 4K/2K/ Full HD video in 8K60 Tiled mode with application window maximized.
  • MST side monitors will not display after unplug DP switch side monitor and plug to MST side.
  • Fourth display cannot light on in second screen only mode when four displays are connected via DP in daisy chain.
  • Video freezes and lags when playing movie in Movies and TV application and zooming in / out by double clicks.
  • Video will freeze when exit from full screen to small window during video playback.
  • 8K monitor keeps blinking in extend mode/ 2nd only mode.
  • Video will show lag or garbage observed in full screen mode with 8K monitor connected.
  • 8K monitor is inactive after upgrade to latest graphics driver.
  • Half display may blank out when rebooting with 4K single Tiled display connected via Display Port.
  • Green color corruption observed while rotating media playback.

Trovate il change log e il download degli stessi qui.

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